Ideas for the ADAM DMS

Imager file transfers

When using the imager transfer from the parts book you can only select one operation and one price code for all parts.  Most of the time we have many operations and some may have different price codes. The imager files help us greatly and save a ton of time and more chances for human errors. It would help even more if we could select what parts go to what operation and at a specific price code pert part instead of just to one operation and one price code for all the parts then having to go edit the parts.

Also when using the imager file to a parts counter ticket we have a price code then a show code but the imager file only goes towards the price code not the show code so the prices reflect different. So if your in a counter ticket it should give us the option to select both codes if at all possible. Sometimes we use two different codes for wholesale customers and for our regular sales we would use the same codes.

  • stephen bednorz
  • Jan 10 2018
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