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Manager approval for removing parts from an open ro

As it stands, anyone could go back into an ro, remove parts from the ro, then take the parts.  There should be a manager approval button, so this can't be done by a non-manager employee

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  • Dec 18 2017
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  • Jeff Swank commented
    December 20, 2017 16:52

    Agree this is a great idea

  • John Cowan commented
    December 21, 2017 01:00

    We are in the process of adding some controls to Parts and Service. In the upcoming Parts and Service release, you’ll see some of the first control changes. Parts will include the ability to enable required Parts Manager approval for price changes on Parts assigned to a ticket (Counter or Service) whether changing the Price Code or overriding the Sale Amount.

    Service will include the ability to require Service Manager Approval for Discounts applied through Miscellaneous Charges. Customers will also have the ability to setup and use Coupons for discounts applied through Miscellaneous Charges, this will require a Coupon Code.

    These versions are in pilot now, it you are interested in upgrading, please contact the support department.

    Later in 2018 we hope to introduce some Parts and Service exceptions reports. These reports would highlight activity like items being removed from ROs, labor overrides, Parts Price overrides, etc.

    Would the ability to report on these activities be enough to address the business cases?

    John Cowan

  • Guest commented
    December 21, 2017 17:10

    Hi John,

    Although, an exception report is a good idea, manager authorization before any changes would be better as you would be catching it before it happens.  Do you have or could you put something in place that would be done sooner than "later in 2018"?