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Invoicing Customer return, if system could automatically bring up original invoice.

When I issue a return to a customer with a charge account it would be helpful and save time if the system, when I enter in the part number as a credit can bring up a window with the orginal or past invoices to select from. As it is now I have to go in under the archives to be sure the pricing hasn't changed and that I'm crediting the same amount, see when & if it was purchased from me, etc. It would save alot of time and elimate any potential for error if it would pull it up as I have seen other systems do.

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  • Dec 15 2017
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  • Mr. QA commented
    December 15, 2017 22:43

    This isn't an answer to the original request, but in case you don't know about can go to the Customer screen, HISTORY tab, and if you know the original Invoice, find it in the list and click REVERSE, and a Quote will be created in the Quotes/Invoice screen, with negative quantities of all the original parts. You can also choose to retain all the original pricing from the original invoice. Once the quote is made, you can edit as needed and create the Credit Invoice. You can also view the Archived Invoice from here. I just thought this might speed up your process a bit.  I attached a couple of screenshots for reference. Even if you already know about this, maybe someone else doesn't, and it may help them. I think your request is a good one! Thanks for using the Idea Portal.