Ideas for the ADAM DMS

A Detailed Monthly Expense Report...

with YTD totals.

  • Linda Featherstone
  • Dec 13 2017
  • Already exists
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  • Rick Pixley commented
    11 Jan 13:55

    I agree

  • John Cowan commented
    17 Jan 18:04

    Can you explain what you are requesting to be included on the report.

    Peggy Matthews

  • Linda Featherstone commented
    17 Jan 19:18

    A report of expense accounts... with details posted to the account.  It should also show MTD and YTD totals for each vendor.  For example:


    Account 8390 Utility Account  Total:  328.00

                                                                                                  MTD:         YTD:

    FPL                                                  Reference 61               199.00       599.00

    Waste Management                          Refernce 99                129.00      399.00



  • John Cowan commented
    17 Jan 19:43

    There are several reports that will give that information.  Call support to have a tech show you the Accounting Adam Reports as well as install if they meet your needs.

    Peggy Matthews