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Bill Pay Stub

Would be nice to be able to view a bill pay stub that lists all the invoices that were paid with each check. Not the one that is printed when you print the check in payables. I hate to have to get up in the middle of working on something to go to my filing cabinet to pull the statement. A report of something would be so much help. Recently, I had to do some research on a vendor statement that we were given a credit memo. I had to step away from my desk as I was in the middle of researching then go to the filing cabinet to pull the statement and manually add each invoice to see if I could come up with my check total. I dont have a ton of time to add up 100 some invoices to see if I balance back to my check. A report would be so handy. One that shows the check total then each invoice number and amount. Nothing too fancy.

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  • Feb 20 2019
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    John Cowan commented
    08 Apr 20:19

    Check Register Report will give you the information that you are describing.  You can put the date for the check in and it will display the each Invoice paid on that check, amount of the invoice and the amount of the check.

    Please see the screenshots attached.

    Peggy Matthews