Ideas for the ADAM DMS

Enhancements to service quote system

1. There needs to be an infinite amount of room in the "complaint" field just as there is on a service invoice. Dealing with major fleets, we are required to provice detailed information about the diagnosis and repair for each operation.

2. There needs to be some identifier other than the "last name" on the quote log. Since we deal with major fleets, there might me 25 or 30 ROs open under the fleet name "Wheels" , "ARI", "Enterprise" and/or several other of the major fleets that we deal with at any given time. The quote log needs to reference an RO number and the vehicle VIN.

3. There needs to be a mechanism whereby a "quote" can be opened from an open RO without everything being doubled.

4. Quotes should disappear when an RO from that quote is closes.

Please call Bob Alexander, Alexander Ford, Kenedy, TX if you have any questions or for further comments. Even without these enhancements, the "Quote" function saves us hours every day and makes us look much more professional. We sincerely appreciate you adding this function to your system.

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  • Dec 12 2017
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