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Fixed pricing on a parts counter sale not showing up in the "show pricing" too.

So, when "Fixed Pricing" is used for a particular part, it works ok on the service side, but not for a parts counter sale. What happens is it will automatically put the fixed price in both the "Customer Cost" AND the "List Price". In other words, when the customer leaves, he looks on his parts counter invoice and it shows HIS cost is the same cost as LIST price. In other words, once the customer reads his invoice, he’ll either call the counter person out on it asking why, or just never come back again since he thinks he got overcharged. Since every customer (including a generic cash customer) is set up with a sales code, the fixed pricing doesn’t work unless you use a "00" code. So, this is the scenario that would have to be done:
A customer comes in and want a part that has a "Fixed Cost" associated with it. You put in the part #, the quantity and then the price code. What happens next is no matter WHAT CODE you enter in the "Show Code" field, it automatically takes the "Fixed Pricing" amount, which is the CUSTOMER COST. The ONLY WAY to stop this from happening is to put the "Price Code" in. When you see that the "Show Code" doesn’t change from the customer cost, you go back up to it, WRITE DOWN the price, use a "00" code, you can THEN use (on my system) "01" which is a "List Price" which is usually a national list pricing amount, and THEN input the price that you wrote down which is the "Fixed Pricing" so that you don’t look like a thief when the customer leaves.

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  • Feb 15 2018
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