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Paid tab or column in Accounts Payable

It would be nice to have a column or tab in Accounts Payable for when the invoices were paid. Example, I need to know when a certain invoice was paid, but instead of going to the Adam system I have to go to my filing cabinet and pull the payable to see when it was paid.

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  • Feb 8 2018
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  • John Cowan commented
    February 26, 2018 21:54

    To get information about check that paid an invoice the user can access the information in Payables.

    Accounts Payable>Invoices>Inquiries - Enter the Vendor # and the Invoice number or leave that field blank to pull all invoices.  Once the invoice list is displayed select the invoice desired and select the Inquire Checks button at the bottom of the form.  This will display the date, check number and amount paid on the invoice.

    For further explanation please call support for assistance.

    Peggy Matthews