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When printing a Stock Sheet, can all recons be listed at the bottom with a description?

When we print a Stock Sheet, the total recon amount is listed at the top but only some of the recons are listed at the bottom of the page with a description. Can all recon descriptions be listed out, including service?

  • Stacy Elliott
  • Jan 19 2018
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  • John Cowan commented
    19 Jan 21:27

    If the Add Ons/Recons are set to Yes for Stock Sheet they will show at the bottom of the Stock Sheet.  There is a setup in Setups>Inventory>Defaults that the user can set the default for that to Yes.  Then as each Add On/Recon is added to a vehicle it will automatically be set to Yes.

    If you have a vehicle where you feel that they are not showing up on the Stock Sheet go to the Vehicle area and check the items that are on the vehicle to make sure that they are set to Y.

    Peggy Matthews