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Parts posting in the order you type them into the system

When posting part in to the inventory, manual posting, receiving screen they never show up in the order as they are typed in. For example when i have an invoice in front of me i start at the first part and go done the list. Sometimes i have entered the wrong cost or the wrong quantity and when i am done the total on your screen doesnt match the total on my invoice.  When that happens i have to go back and fourth through my invoice to find my error. It would save me so much time if they were in order as the way i entered them in to the system if i have made a mistake in finding my mistake. This posting is rather small but there are times when i have many more parts from a stock order invoice and I usually just start my posting over from a clean screen. Now with your new update to allow us out of the posting and then go back with our parts still there we have to call in to get the tables cleared to start completely over, so if we had the option to delete all the parts if needed when exiting the posting that would be great as well.  I have some examples of a invoice and the posting scanned but i cannot attach them using your file attachement on here.

  • stephen bednorz
  • Jan 19 2018
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  • Guest commented
    16 Jan 16:51

    1-This appears to re-sort in "prefix" order, as you add and save parts.

    2-Maybe some sort of "DELETE"/DELETE ALL" button might help.