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Ability to cancel print in "report output options"

When printing in accounting, if incorrect selections are made (ie. detail report vs balance only), having to wait for the incorrect report to output, then load, and then preview in order to cancel creates quite a bit of wasted time. Depending on the length of the report with options that you didn't mean to run in the first place, it can take a long time to load. A cancel button with the report output options prompt before even getting to a preview would be beneficial.

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  • Jan 17 2018
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  • John Cowan commented
    17 Jan 18:37

    Most reports allow the user to make selections for the report that is selected and there is a Cancel button on that screen.  So you are requesting another Cancel option be added.after selecting the Print button?

    Peggy Matthews

  • Guest commented
    17 Jan 19:33

    Correct. In the moment of clicking too fast (as many of us do) if you accidentally select the wrong options and hit print and realize your mistake, there is no way to cancel it without going through all the motions of preteding to print and cancelling each report that populates. Just looking to see if a cancel button could be added on the screen that prompts for printer, spreadsheet or PDF. Otherwise, you have to wait until it finishes out preview and printing the report.

  • John Cowan commented
    17 Jan 19:48

    So in addition to the OK button that is on that screen place a Cancel button which would take the user back to the screen for the report. This would allow the user that did not want the report at all to select Cancel and the user that meant to select something different (such as date range) to correct and select Print again.

    Peggy Matthews

  • Guest commented
    17 Jan 20:48

    Yes. That would be very helpful. Thank you.